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Wilding Healthy Living

Joyful Junior

Hi! I’m Tara Wilding, the human founder of Wilding Healthy Living and that cute guy running into my arms is Junior, the canine cofounder.

One of my many goals is to help and encourage you to make positive choices every day. Positive choices will produce positive change.  We all have a past, and it’s my desire that your life will be enriched by reading about some of the obstacles I have encountered along the way. I am making a choice to live the happiest and healthiest life I possibly can. Will you join me?

Health and fitness (both physical and mental) are essential to live the life God has called you to live. There are so many ways we can improve our lives! I encourage you to search for them – they can be found! 

Wilding Farm Pond

When we do the best we can with what we have we will be headed in the right direction. Health, fitness and happiness don’t necessarily happen over night – sometimes they take time. The effort we put in is well worth the time!

What we choose to put in, on and around our bodies WILL have an impact on your life!

Choose wisely and have FUN!!

Photo by Sue Dickson Gallery

Photo by Sue Dickson Gallery






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